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Welcome to YOUR ASIAN CONTACT where you never alone or bored ,where your problem go away on line-zine,where you are kept updated heard and seen!Asian pop culture and new youth are here to stay,from L.A to New york and around the asian world,we have the news!Whats are in job market and schools,and fashion. The new treads for full figure asian girls!, and much more music ,movies and televions. Find what elegant place to eat and where hot boys hang out and dance all nigth and have fun. What cool cars are in taste. Where do the hip teens eat at in L.A. Los Angeles.Find why the nigth time is the fear time ,and bring out the fun and excitement!

Our Asian community worldwide one line magazine.Some of us are famous and rich, some of us are learning. There are as many different kinds topics as there are people with something to say. Some are devoted to ,dancing ,music,schools,careers and travel tips or dating and fashion advice. Others discuss meeting pen pals or their faith or new homes. There are many fun thing to submit photos and short stories or jokes. The possibilities are limitless it our way to help others to learn about us and see our beauty.

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January 2000